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Data-Driven Study Plans

We have chess improvement data from hundreds of players that shows how players improve. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for an expensive chess course.

Chess Master Guidance

No need for private lessons. Each study plan was put together manually by National Master Matt Jensen, who has over 20 years of coaching experience.

Stay Focused, See Results

With a ChessGoals 12-week premium study plan you'll stay on track to reach your chess goals. We email you weekly to keep you focused on your goals.

After being a consistent 2200-2225 blitz player, I tried a version of the expert study plan to see if I could improve my game. The fesults far exceeded my expectations, and I hit my all-time high rating of 2340. – National Master Matt Jensen

1. Choose Your Plan

Select a plan based on your chess experience or rating.

2. Complete 12-week Course

Spend 12 weeks studying and playing based on our expert recommendations.

3. Reach Your Rating Goals

Use everything you learned to reach the next rating level.

At ChessGoals we know that you want to increase your chess rating. In order to improve you need clarity on what to study. The problem is there are too many chess books, videos, courses to wade through which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. We believe that chess improvement should be simple and fun.

We understand what it’s like to spend months or years without any rating gains. That’s why we surveyed hundreds of chess players to see who improved and how they improved. Here’s how it works. First you select a plan based on your current rating. Next you will follow the plan for twelve weeks. At the end of twelve weeks you will have formed a habit for chess improvement and seen rating gains. So buy a study plan so you can stop your slump and start seeing results.