About Us

ChessGoals.com is a data-driven website aimed to help chess players improve their ratings and reach their goals.  ChessGoals.com uses a three-step process to tailor learning plans to your specific goals. 

Step 1: Collect data from chess players (over 400 to date)

Step 2: Analyze the data for trends

Step 3: Create specific study plans for chess players looking to reach their chess goals


Matt Jensen

  • Over 20 years of chess coaching experience
  • Reached USCF National Master at age 29 as an adult learner
  • Statistician with a strong interest in the intersection of chess and data
  • Chess.com contractor who creates SmarterChess predictions

Jesse Buss

  • First learned how to play chess 6 years ago at age 25
  • Now rated 1600 on chess.com
  • Full-time Android developer
  • Contributor to ChessGoals


Free and premium study plan information

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Premium Study Plans Benefits

  1. Premium plans provide day-by-day checklists for 12 weeks
  2. Matt sends weekly check-in emails weekly and we have a community in our club forums providing encouragement
  3. Matt provides support via email and in the forums. Every email receives a response.