Slow Games


There are two ways to play slow games. Over-the-board (OTB) and online. Each player has their preferences. On average, players spend about 20% of their time playing games OTB and 80% online.
We do recommend advanced/expert players to push the percentage of OTB games to 30% or more. The best way for advanced players to improve is to play slow games, and if your goal is to become a chess master, then playing OTB games is a must.


There are numerous sites to play online chess. We currently recommend two sites for your online play. Other sites are also acceptable, but we do not have the data to help track your progress. is the most popular chess website in the world, with over 30 million members. They are also a leader in many areas of chess improvement. It’s free to sign-up on, and they also have premium options to unlock puzzles, videos, lessons, game reports, and more. is a great platform for online play. The website is free and open-source, and includes many learning features. If you plan to keep your costs at a minimum on your chess journey, lichess is a good choice for finding games.


The resources to find OTB events varies quite a bit depending on where you live. Often times googling your area and chess events will find regional clubs/organizations with rated events.
United States
The United States Chess Federation (USCF) Clubs and Tournaments
The International Chess Federation (FIDE) Events Calendar