Chess News Roundup #1 | US Chess Championship

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Welcome to a new series we recap the weekly chess news in a short, digestible format. We have 4 stories to cover today. If you’d rather watch the YouTube version of me going over these stories, watch below:

IM Levy Rozman donates $100,000

Levy Rozman AKA GothamChess signed a streaming agreement with Part of that agreement allots for Levy to give away $100,000 to scholastic chess clubs around the country. Read more.

Levy is also playing a chess tournament, trying for a GM Norm. Follow his progress and game recaps on his YouTube channel. Here is his first round recap:

Nihal Sarin wins the JSCC

Nihal Sarin crushed the field to win the JSCC. He has won a place into the 2021 SCC. It will be great to see how he performs against some of the best blitz players in the world.

Carissa Yip Wins the Women’s US Chess Championship

Carissa Yip won the Women’s US Chess Championship with a full round to spare. She finished 8.5/11, a clear point and a half ahead of the rest of the field. Read more here.

Here is her interview after clinching the title:

Wesley So Wins The US Chess Championship

Wesley So won his 3rd US Chess Championship, his 2nd in a row. He won both games in the blitz tiebreak to clinch the title. You can read the full story here.