Introducing the Bot Championship

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  • Reading time:9 mins read bots are an exciting way to play chess against a silicon opponent. The streamer bots consist of popular content creators who have recently taken on chess streaming as well as FIDE titled players who now stream professionally. Which bot is the best bot? We are seeking to find it out in the Bot Championship!


We are including all 14 of the streamer bots that are not chess Grandmasters. Inspiration for this came from the I’m Not a GM Speed Chess Championship, the Computer Chess Championship, and PogChamps. The bracket will be divided in half based on chess experience. The ‘champions’ are chess players that have official FIDE titles or have many years of tournament experience. The ‘contenders’ are newer players to chess that have only been actively participating in tournaments recently. bot championship Bot Championship Bracket

The players are seeded by their respective bot ratings and the top-rated players on each half will receive a first-round bye. Each match will consist of one game with the colors chosen at random. If the game is a draw, the players will change colors and play again. In the final match to determine the champion, we have special rules in place. All 3 of these scenarios count as a challenger win:

  1. Win the game
  2. Draw the game
  3. Last 40 or more moves!


First Round Byes

International Master (2550 rating) CCO

Stand-up Comedian
Chess Streamer

Challenger Match-ups

YouTube Content Creator
PogChamps 3 Participant

YouTuber, Streamer, LOL, Fortnite
PogChamps & BlockChamps

Popular Streamer
PogChamps Experience

PogChamps 3 Participant

YouTube Streamer Commentator

Twitch & TikTok
PogChamps 3 Participant

Champion Match-Ups

National Master
French Chess Streamer

FIDE Master
Spanish Chess Streamer

International Master
Some Guy

Experienced Chess Player
BotezLive Streamer

International Master
Fan Favorite

Women FIDE Master
BotezLive Streamer

Get Involved!

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Games will be analyzed in future posts and we will include takeaways for the bots as if we were analyzing games of chess learners.