Tricks and Treats In The Halloween Gambit

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The Halloween Gambit is an opening line in the Four Knights. In this aggressive opening, white sacrifices a knight on the fourth move in order to achieve quick development and space. We will refute common mistakes by Black with the help of our friend, Stockfish 12.

Halloween Gambit Starting Position

The Halloween Gambit starts with the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nxe5!?

Halloween Gambit
Halloween Gambit

The best reply for Black is 4… Nxe5 5. d4 after which we reach a branching point. Black can either retreat the knight to c6 or g6.

5… Ng6 Retreat

The most common retreat is 5… Ng6. The best plan for White is to grab some space by putting the center pawns on dark squares, and then follow-up with Bc4. 6. e5 Ng8 the knight must retreat back to the 8th rank. This buys us more time to build our initiative. 7. Bc4. At this point, Black should be looking to put their pawn on d5 to help fight for the center.

7…Bb4 – Natural, But Not The Best

7… Bb4 8. Qf3 threatening checkmate in one. Again playing …d5 would be the best move, but once an opponent plays 7… Bb4 it’s most likely they are going to play 8… Qe7.

Play can continue 9. h4! Bxc6 10. bxc3 h5 11. Kf1 Nh6? developing the knight to the only safe square. 12. Bg5! Qf8 13. Re1 threatening Qxh5. At this point, Stockfish 12 says the position is equal. That’s two points worth of compensation!

7…d5 – The Main Line

7… d5 A difficult move to play! Sacrificing a pawn back to help speed up development. 8.Bxd5 c6 The most common move. Kicking the bishop away so that after …Be7 the b7-pawn is not hanging. 9. Bb3 Be6 10. 0-0 Allowing Black to capture us and preparing an attack in the middle of the board. Bxb3 11. axb3 Bb4 12. Ne4 At this point we are getting some nice play with Ne4, eyeing the d6 and f6 squares.

Over 50% of players here are playing a blunder N8e7 which can be punished with 13. c3 trapping the bishop on b4! Stockfish 12 gives White a +2 advantage.

5… Nc6 Retreat

When the knight retreats to c6 on move five, we get to have fun pushing both central pawns quickly. 5… Nc6 6. d5 Ne5 7. f4 Ng6 8. e5 Ng8 at this point we try to restrict the dark-squared bishop 9. d6 cxd6 10. exd6.

The most popular move here again is a mistake! Qb6 Because the f8-bishop is tied down, players often try to attack the pawn on d6 with the queen in order to fix this issue. It turns out to be a blunder after 11. Nb5!

11… Kd8 – The Best, But Uncomfortable

11… Kd8 Now Black has lost castling rights, and Stockfish 12 rates the position as equal already! The most popular continuation is 12. f5 Ne5 13. Bf4 f6 14. Qd2 with plans to castle queenside.

11… Rb8 – Trying Not To Move The King

11… Rb8 is a big blunder, but it’s a pretty popular reply.

12. Qe2+! Now Black is definitely in trouble and Stockfish 12 rates the position as +5. Now we will try to queenside castle after gaining some extra tempi on the black queen. Kd8 13. Be3 Qa5+ 14. Bd2 Qb6 15. O-O-O.

We can see now that White has a lot of activity for the material, and pretty soon the attack will breakthrough. Stockfish 12 is rating the position as +12 now!


The Halloween Gambit is not approved at Grandmaster-level play or between two engines, but there is a lot of play in the position for most of us! The extra space that we have plus the lead in development puts the opponent under enormous pressure. analysis board:

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