Chess Improvement
at Any Age

Free study plans based on data from hundreds of chess improvers.
Reach your rating goals.

Efficiently Learn Openings Designed for Club Level Players with Busy Lives

National Master Matt Jensen and adult learner Jesse Buss teach you opening systems in 100 lines or less. The video course has a teacher and student format that’s easy to relate with. Our courses teach you how to respond to common mistakes and leave you with a plan after each line.

Join a Community of Chess Improvers

ChessGoals has a Discord server that you can join for $5/month to receive advice from National Master Matt Jensen and other adults focused on chess improvement techniques.

There are dozens of books, thousands of puzzles and lessons, and no real clear way to know which of these will help to improve your game. This study plan eliminates that uncertainty. You are provided with day by day instructions on what to do, and for how long. There is also a community of support available to help you on your journey.
Jacob Craft
Novice Player
This was a great plan for someone who wanted some day plans for what to do. I needed a week 1 / day 1 to week 12 / day 7 and this perfectly delivered. The beginner plan suggests picking up a subscription while going through the course, and I would highly recommend this as well. Will be picking up the next level soon.
Beginner Player
The best part about the plan is, in my opinion, the structure to my daily chess activites this plan provided, and it really is paying off.
The community is amazing, and Matt’s advice and support is invaluable. I’m really excited about continuing to get better to begin the intermediate plan.
Nicolas Celedon
Beginner Player

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Matt Jensen earned the National Master title at age 29. He’s a trained Statistician and experienced chess coach. Matt’s passionate about helping adult improvers reach their goals while having fun.

Matt Jensen

Meet the Owners

Matt and Jesse both have a passion for helping adult learners improve their chess skills. Jesse has seen his USCF rating skyrocket from 1227 to 1582 and is currently at his peak rating. Matt plateaued in the low 2100s for a decade until he pushed himself with focused study to reach a high of 2250.

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