4 Rules: How to Set up a Chess Board

Setting up a chess board is easy to learn and easy to master.

Before you make your first move, make sure your board is set up correctly with these 4 rules.

Rule 1: White on Right

The bottom-right square of your chess board should be a white (or light) square. Not a dark square.

empty chess board with highlighted bottom right square
Empty chess board

Rule 2: Pawns on the 2nd and 7th rank

Pawns belong one rank (horizontal row) from the bottom and top.

chess board with pawn ranks highlighted
chess board with pawns only
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Rule 3: Rooks -> Knights -> Bishops

Starting in each corner, rooks are placed first, then the knights, then the bishops.

Rule 4: Queen on her own color

The queen and king go in the center of the board. The queen will always go on her own color. The white queen goes on a light square. The Black queen goes on a dark square.


You will be able to set up a full chess board using these 4 rules to ensure you’re playing a proper game of chess. If you want to play online, we highly recommend chess.com.

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