Nakamura’s Insane Run

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Hikaru Nakamura won the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament with a dominant performance. He won the event with 3 (!!) rounds to spare. He finished with 9 wins, 18 draws and no losses. Going unbeaten in a rapid and blitz event is a very rare feat.

Magnus Carlsen himself even congratulated Hikaru…kind of.

Magnus Carlsen Hikaru Tweet

Magnus is of course poking fun at Hikaru for being the #2 rated rapid and blitz player, behind only Magnus himself.

Even Hikaru was in a joking mood.

Hikaru Nakamura tweet

After his dominant performance in the Rapid and Blitz, he went on to win Titled Tuesday. With a perfect 11/11. This is the first time ever anybody has achieved a perfect 11/11 score in Titled Tuesday.

chesscom titled tuesday

Congrats to Hikaru on his incredible run. Not bad for a twitch streamer.

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