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12-week chess study plan for expert (2000-2299 rating) players.

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Have a chess.com blitz rating between 2000 and 2299? The ChessGoals Expert Study Plan is designed specifically for you. The twelve-week plan will take the guesswork out of how to improve. Spend between 7-10 hours per week covering the plan’s core components. NM Matt Jensen gained over 100 blitz rating points in a 4-week trial of the program. The plan’s goal is to improve your classical rating through a mixture of time controls.


This study plan does not attempt to teach you concepts like the traditional chess book. The program will give you a framework for chess improvement and help you build a study habit. To help keep you on track, post your progress on the Chess.com forums or consider joining our community. Joining the ChessGoals community is fun and rewarding as you work on your chess improvement with other chess learners.

Additional Purchases

The Expert Study Plan recommends purchasing a book from Yusupov’s chess course as a guide instead of a coach. The plan also recommends having one endgame manual and some chess.com features that benefit from premium membership.

Study Plan Contents

  • Typical chess questions
  • Why use our plans?
  • The layout of the plan summary
  • Day 0: Getting Started – Initial steps to prepare for the 12 weeks
  • Tasks Explained – How to study each task
  • 12 Weeks of printable plans for tracking
  • Final thoughts

1 review for Expert Study Plan

  1. Peter

    I’ve only been using this plan for 1.5 weeks, however, I can tell it’s already helping. The accountability of having a premium plan like this ensures that the most important/valuable things for my chess improvement get done and I don’t skip them to jump around on other study methods. Everything is laid out clearly and very efficiently so that even with two daycare aged children and a full time job, I can find the time to complete the core goals. Checking off tasks on the plan is satisfying and helping me be more process oriented – not worrying as much about temporary short-term ratings or whether I won or loss in a particular game or on a particular day.

    Highly recommended!!

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