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12-week chess study plan for intermediate (1100-1699 rating) adult players. This plan focuses on playing games with increment, analysis, and tactics. The program is a nice compliment to the Intermediate Yusupov Plan which focuses more heavily on studying.

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Have a chess.com blitz rating between 1100 and 1699? Are you 30 years old or older? The ChessGoals Intermediate Adult Learner Plan is designed specifically for you. The twelve-week plan will take the guesswork out of how to improve. Spend between 7-10 hours per week covering the plan’s core components. There are also bonus activities if you can commit to extra time during the week. This study plan is light on studying openings, endgames, and strategy. We recommend alternating this plan with the Intermediate Yusupov Plan to include more studying.


This study plan does not attempt to teach you concepts like the traditional chess book. The program will give you a framework for chess improvement and help you build a study habit. To help keep you on track, post your progress on the Chess.com forums or consider joining our community. Joining the ChessGoals community is fun and rewarding as you work on your chess improvement with other chess learners.

Additional Purchases

The Intermediate Adult Learner Plan recommends having one endgame manual and some chess.com features that benefit from premium membership. We list alternatives for the options with additional costs, and Matt can also help you tweak the plan via email.

Study Plan Contents

  • Typical chess questions
  • Why use our plans?
  • The layout of the plan summary
  • Day 0: Getting Started – Initial steps to prepare for the 12 weeks
  • Tasks Explained – How to study each task
  • 12 Weeks of printable plans for tracking
  • Final thoughts

2 reviews for Intermediate Adult Learner Plan

  1. Jeff Zhang

    As an adult with a demanding job, the plan’s daily regiment and checkboxes helped me consistently play and learn, which is great.

    However, I would have liked to see more content and guidance. The write-ups for how to analyze, while helpful, are high-level and brief. Perhaps as you build out the site, the plan would link to posts that describe topics like “how to analyze games” or “how to pick an opening rep” (you already have such an openings post). The prescription of “do lessons on chess.com” is overly generic. The chess.com team posted study plans grouped by level (see https://www.chess.com/article/view/study-plan-directory). The premium plan ought to curate which specific activities in the chess.com study plans are most bang for buck and direct the student to those pieces. Finally, a small nit, but I don’t think the “advertisement” stuff in the beginning is applicable — we already saw that and purchased the plan on that basis.

  2. Matt Herbert (verified owner)

    I just finished the full 12 weeks of the plan, and overall I enjoyed it, and my rating increased to new personal bests in multiple time controls.

    As an adult learner, I appreciated the split into “Base Work” and “Extra Credit”. I found that most weeks I didn’t have time to do much Extra Credit work, but the Base Work was quite manageable for me each day, and I was glad the Extra Credit work was there if I found myself with additional time.

    I was disappointed with the lack of variety week-to-week in the plan. When I saw a “12-week study plan” advertised, I had expected more of a structure around the 12 weeks, but as it stands, the first week is very similar to the final week, which felt like less content than I had expected to get.

    On the other hand, I was very pleased with the level of engagement from National Master Matt Jensen. He was very responsive to any questions, and was happy to amend or tweak the study plans if any particular things didn’t work.

    Overall, the study plan helped improve my chess, and I would recommend it – I’m about to start another one to try to improve further!

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