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12-week chess study plan for intermediate (1100-1699 rating) players, with steps to modify and reuse the program.

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Have a chess.com blitz rating between 1100 and 1699? The ChessGoals Intermediate Study Plan is designed specifically for you. The twelve-week plan will take the guesswork out of how to improve. Spend between 4-8 hours per week covering the program’s core components. This study plan includes modifications at the end to run for future 12-week plans.

New in 2022: Study plans are free with email sign-up!


This study plan does not attempt to teach you concepts like the traditional chess book. The program will give you a framework for chess improvement and help you build a study habit. To help keep you on track, post your progress on the Chess.com forums or consider joining our community. Joining the ChessGoals community is fun and rewarding as you work on your chess improvement with other chess learners.

Additional Purchases

The Intermediate Study Plan recommends purchasing a book from Yusupov’s chess course as a guide instead of a coach. The plan also recommends having one endgame manual and some chess.com features that benefit from premium membership. We list alternatives for the options with additional costs, and Matt can also help you tweak the plan via email.

Study Plan Contents

  • Typical chess questions
  • How our study plans help
  • The layout of the plan summary
  • Day 0: Getting Started – Initial steps to prepare for the 12 weeks
  • Tasks Explained – How to study each task
  • 12 Weeks of printable plans for tracking
  • Final thoughts

4 reviews for Intermediate Study Plan

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    The intermediate study plan has been a great way to add structure to my chess studies. Prior to incorporating this plan, I would frequently fall down rabbit holes of playing 20 – 30 blitz games and watching my Elo fall, having a designated number of blitz/rapid games per day has really helped me focus on quality versus quantity. The incorporation of Silman’s Complete Endgame book and Yusupov’s Build Up Your Chess series has been a great way to add structured studying to support my games. This study plan is a great way to add the benefits of having a chess coach without the cost or rigid time commitments. Looking forward to completing the plan and hopefully being ready to take on the Advanced Study Plan at some point!

  2. George (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the intermediate study plan. I purchased the plan as a way of adding structure to my chess; prior to using the plan I was working half-heartedly through a half dozen books, playing whatever time control I wanted and saw little progress in my online ranking. When I started the program I was rated 1128 in chess.com blitz. Now I’m rated 1245 with a peak of 1268. That’s over 100 points gain in three months after a year of being stuck in the 1075-1175 range. That ratings gain, plus the weekly emails, online forum, and support from the ChessGoals team make the Intermediate Study Plan well worth the price.

  3. Felipe (verified owner)

    It’s a great way to focus on the right things when study chess.

  4. James (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Completed the 12 week program and my Chess.com Blitz rating went from 1187 to a peak of 1364 during the program (unfortunately caved to a blitz rabbit hole and lost a bunch but it’s heading back up again), and my Rapid rating went from 1277 to 1436. The program does a good job of organizing the studying and playing time to get the most out of both. Realize now I was spending way too much time on openings and not nearly enough on endings and strategy. But this approach has balanced that out and the proof is in the results. It’s a good investment for anyone who wants to add some organization to their chess training. Plus, the suggested resources are great!

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