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12-week chess study plan for novice (<800 rating) players.

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New to chess or have a rating less than 800? The ChessGoals Novice Study Plan is designed specifically for you. The twelve-week plan will take the guesswork out of how to improve. Spend between 4-8 hours per week covering the plan’s core components.

New in 2022: Study plans are free with email sign-up!


This study plan does not attempt to teach you concepts like the traditional chess book. The program will give you a framework for chess improvement and help you build a study habit. To help keep you on track, post your progress on the Chess.com forums or consider joining our community. Joining the ChessGoals community is fun and rewarding as you work on your chess improvement with other chess learners.

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The Novice Study Plan recommends purchasing Logical Chess Move By Move and recommends some chess.com features that benefit from premium membership.

Study Plan Contents

  • Typical chess questions
  • How our study plans help
  • The layout of the plan summary
  • Getting Started – Initial steps to prepare for the 12 weeks
  • Tasks Explained – How to study each task
  • 12 Weeks of printable plans for tracking
  • Final thoughts

1 review for Novice Study Plan

  1. Dave Busse (verified owner)

    I purchased this Novice plan because my blitz rating indicated it. I’d been playing chess for years but never much blitz. But I decided to go with the Novice Plan anyway. I found that some of my ratings fell. Why? Because until I took up this study plan I studied chess much more than I played. This study plan requires you to play, which like music or math, you really do have to practice to get better and this plan makes you do that. My ratings did not improve towards the end as much as I had hoped, but I think the real measure of success is developing the habit of playing the game and study on a regular basis. I enjoyed the structure of this plan and the support I got on the Discord Server and Matt’s responsiveness to my questions.
    Highly recommended.

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