Rating Comparison Updated

The ChessGoals rating comparison page has been updated with over 350 survey respondents. Here is the methodology for creating the comparison table for Chess.com Bullet:

  • Use chess.com blitz ratings as the independent variable since most players have a chess.com blitz rating
  • Only keep players who have chess.com blitz and chess.com bullet ratings
  • Plot the chess.com blitz ratings (x) vs chess.com bullet ratings (y) and remove outliers
  • Create a formula that’s either linear or 2nd order polynomial, based on which matches the data best
  • On the comparison table calculate the predicted chess.com bullet rating for each chess.com blitz rating listed (100 or 50 point intervals). Chess.com bullet ratings rounded to the nearest 5 points.

The process was then repeated for Chess.com Rapid, Chess.com Daily, Lichess Bullet, Lichess Blitz, USCF Regular, and FIDE Standard. Here’s an example correlation plot between chess.com blitz and USCF Regular. It’s not the best comparison because there is quite a bit less data for the over-the-board ratings (USCF and FIDE), but it is probably one of the more interesting comparisons.

USCF Regular Ratings vs Chess.com Blitz Ratings

The black line is an identity line where the two ratings are equal. The blue line is a 2nd order polynomial regression line that attempts to match the data. There are not many players under 1200 chess.com with USCF ratings in the survey data, so those couple of points were removed.The data shows that chess.com blitz ratings are very close to USCF, or possibly tend to be slightly higher. Visit the rating comparison page for more information.