Free Chess Study Plans

ChessGoals study plans are based on survey data from hundreds of players who have logged their training activities and chess progress. The training plans are separated by rating category, ranging from novice to expert. The rating ranges for each category are based on ratings, and can be translated from other ratings based on the rating comparison page.

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Free Chess Study Plans

Novice (<800)

Novice players are still learning the basics
They will benefit heavily from chess learning apps

Beginner (800-1099)

Beginner players are picking up strategies
Practice and tactics are most beneficial

Intermediate (1100-1399)

Intermediates are ready for strategy books
Yusupov's training course highly recommended

Intermediate 2 (1400-1699)

Intermediate 2 players should increase study time
Woodpecker method is recommended

Advanced (1700-1999)

Advanced players require focused game analysis
Studying openings becomes more beneficial

Expert (2000+)

Almost to master level!
Beneficial to use chess software (Chessbase)

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