Is a Premium Membership Worth It? (2022)

Before we get started, I want to address the elephant in the room. No, this is not a paid post from However, we are affiliates and get a percentage of the revenue if our readers subscribe. With that out of the way, let's explore the benefits of a premium membership. Live Chess Let's begin with what doesn't change. Getting premium will not change anything in-game. Upgrading your account does not give you an advantage over the board. Likewise, you have no disadvantage in a game against premium…

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It's updated and more accurate than ever! We have pulled down a list of players with both and ratings, subset them to only ratings with RD values < 150, and created formulas to convert the ratings. An RD value < 150 means the player is fairly active in that rating category. Each column compares between 55 and 130 players! Thanks Jesse for writing the code to pull down the ratings. CHESS.COMBLITZLICHESSBLITZ(+/- 135)LICHESSBULLET(+/- 165)LICHESSRAPID(+/- 135)LICHESSCLASSICAL(+/- 130)80011501260900122513651000130012251365146011001380130514551550115014151340150015901200145513801540163012501495142015801670130015301460162017101350157014951660174514001610153517001780145016451575173518101500168516151770184515501725165018051870160017601690184019001650180017301870192517001840177019051950175018751805193519751800191518451960199518501955188519902015190019901925201520351950203019602040205020002070200020652065210021452080211020902200222021552150211023002300223521902400237523102220

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