and Rating Comparisons

It's updated and more accurate than ever! We have pulled down a list of players with both and ratings, subset them to only ratings with RD values < 150, and created formulas to convert the ratings. An RD value < 150 means the player is fairly active in that rating category. Each column compares between 55 and 130 players! Thanks Jesse for writing the code to pull down the ratings. CHESS.COMBLITZLICHESSBLITZ(+/- 135)LICHESSBULLET(+/- 165)LICHESSRAPID(+/- 135)LICHESSCLASSICAL(+/- 130)80011501260900122513651000130012251365146011001380130514551550115014151340150015901200145513801540163012501495142015801670130015301460162017101350157014951660174514001610153517001780145016451575173518101500168516151770184515501725165018051870160017601690184019001650180017301870192517001840177019051950175018751805193519751800191518451960199518501955188519902015190019901925201520351950203019602040205020002070200020652065210021452080211020902200222021552150211023002300223521902400237523102220

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Rating Comparison Updated

The ChessGoals rating comparison page has been updated with over 350 survey respondents. Here is the methodology for creating the comparison table for Bullet: Use blitz ratings as the independent variable since most players have a blitz ratingOnly keep players who have blitz and bullet ratingsPlot the blitz ratings (x) vs bullet ratings (y) and remove outliersCreate a formula that's either linear or 2nd order polynomial, based on which matches the data bestOn the comparison table calculate the predicted bullet rating for…

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